Carly Mills Pioneer Girl Series 1-3 - Jane Smith 电子书mobi+epub

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Reading age : 7 - 12 years
Publisher : Big Sky Publishing (3 Feb. 2021)
Language : English Jane Smith: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Carly Mills Pioneer Girl Series
1. A New World (01-May-2020)
2. Emergency! (07-Oct-2020)
3. Superstar! (03-Feb-2021)

It’s not easy coming to the city all alone when you’re a young country girl. It’s even harder when a strange discovery sends you right back in time to 1841! Carly Mills is about to learn how dangerous Sydney can be for a lonely colonial girl… and how hard it is to move in a corset. Mrs Chisholm tells her that kindness and friendship can make the world a better place. Could she be right?

About the Author
Jane Smith is an award-winning author, who has children’s books shortlisted by the ABIA and longlisted by CBCA. Her Australian Bushranger non-fiction series, and the contemporary and original Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy fiction series, have delighted young readers, parents and educators. Jane is a talented author, librarian, editor and historical researcher with a passion for bringing history to young readers in an easily accessible way.

Pat Kan is a talented and versatile artist, illustrator and graphic designer. He has illustrated several children’s books including The Australian Bushranger series and the Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy series as well picture books: There’s a Koala in My Kitchen, There’s a Magpie in My Soup and Paint with Magic.

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